Perth and District Tramways

Although photographs of Perth and District Tramways Company crews are rare, those that have survived suggest that with the sole exception of a kepi-style cap — which bore individual 'P & D T Co' initials — staff probably wore informal attire. However, in view of the paucity of early photographs, along with the fact that these show crews wearing heavy-duty greatcoats, which effectively obscure whatever was worn underneath, this conclusion can only be regarded as tentative. What is clear though, is that by the turn of the century, staff were most definitely wearing informal attire (without kepis), along with the fashionable headgear of the day, e.g., the straw boater or the flat cap.

The greatcoats bore plain buttons, were devoid of insignia, and were of slightly varying styles, suggesting that they were self-purchased rather than official issues (a fairly widespread policy amongst UK horse tramway operators).

For more background on the Perth and District Tramways Company, see: 'Tramways of the Tay Valley' by Alan W Brotchie; Dundee Museum and Art Gallery (1965).


Horse tram drivers and conductors
Perth and District Tramways Horse Tram No 3 Scone
The crew of Horsecar No 3 at the Scone terminus outside the depot — photo undated, but probably taken circa 1896.

Perth and District Tramways horse tram driver John Bruce
A blow-up of the above photograph, showing the driver, John Bruce, who eventually rose to become an inspector with Perth Corporation Tramways (see link). The only officially issued clothing appears to be the kepi-style cap, which bears individual metal initials: 'P&DTCo'.

Perth and District Tramways horse tram conductor Tom Inglis
Another blow-up of the above photo, this time showing the rather youthful conductor, Tom Inglis. He bears an identical cap to the driver, but a slightly different style of coat (without markings), suggesting that this item of clothing was self-purchased rather than an official issue.

Perth and District Tramways horse tram at South Street Port 1903
Unfortunately blurred, but a shot which nevertheless clearly shows that staff working the horse trams wore informal attire — taken at South Street Port around 1903.