Newcastle Horse Tramways
(Newcastle Tramway Company, subsequently the Newcastle and Gosforth Tramway and Carriage Company)

Photos of Newcastle Horse Tramways staff, from any era (Turton and Busby, 1878 to 1885; Newcastle Tramway Company, 1885-1888; Newcastle and Gosforth Tramway and Carriage Company, 1888 to 1901) are unfortunately very rare, so little is known about the style of uniforms or the uniform insignia. Although the few photos known generally only show staff at some distance, they clearly show that drivers and conductors wore long double-breasted greatcoats with high fold-over collars, along with kepi-style caps. It is currently unclear whether the caps carried a badge, though photographs would suggest not; however given the quality of the available images, this is far from certain.

Photographs of inspectors appear not to have survived, so it is currently impossible to say what uniforms were worn, if indeed the N>Co ever employed them.

For a history of Newcastle's horse trams, see: 'Newcastle-upon-Tyne Horse Trams' by J Yarham, in the Tramway Review No 198 (p208-226); Light Railway Transport League (2004).


Newcastle and Gosforth Tramway horse tram 43
Newcastle & Gosforth Tramways and Carriage Company horse car No 43 outside the council offices in Gosforth High St with a service for Grey's Monument - photo undated but probably taken around 1900. Image kindly supplied by Malcolm Fraser.

Newcastle and Gosforth Tramways horse tram conductor
A blow-up of the above photo showing the figure on the left, who would appear to be a N>&CCo employee. He is wearing a double-breasted uniform jacket with lapels, along with a kepi-style cap; the latter does not appear to bear a cap badge, at least a metal one that would be reflective.

Newcastle and Gosforth horse tram driver
Another blow-up of the above photo, this time shoing the driver. He is wearing a double-breasted greatcoat along with a kepi-style cap; once again the latter does not appear to bear a badge, though this is difficult to say with certainty.