Birkdale and Southport Tramways Company

Owner Birkdale and Southport Tramways Co Ltd
Opened 12th May 1883 (horse)
Operator B&STCo
Taken over (company) 1899 (British Electric Traction Company Ltd) - controlling interest acquired
Taken over (track) 1st January 1900 (Southport Corporation - company lines within the municipal boundary)
Operator (lessee) B&STCo
Taken over (track) 1901? (Birkdale Urban District Council) - company lines within the municipal boundary
Operator (lessee) B&STCo
Ceased operation 14th December 1901 - on termination of the Southport Corporation lease
Length 3.25? miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Uniforms not worn

Comment Photographs depicting staff of the B&STCo indicate that uniforms were not worn (see link), so marked buttons almost certainly therefore never existed.