Belfast Street Tramways

Owner Belfast Street Tramways Company
Opened 28th August 1872 (horse)
Operator Belfast Street Tramways Company
Took over (operation) Late 1888 (Sydenham District Tramways) - built by the BSTCo, but owned by the SDTCo
Took over (operation) 24th April 1893 (Belfast and Ligoniel Tramway)
Took over (operation) 1894 (Belfast and County Down Railway spur to Queen's Quay Station)
Took over (operation) 1900 (Belfast Corporation — newly built lines)
Took over (company) August (?) 1902 (Belfast and Ligoniel Tramway)
Took over (company) August (?) 1902 (Sydenham District Tramways Company)
Taken over 1st January 1905 (Belfast Corporation)
Gauge 5ft 3ins initially, but converted to 4ft 8½ins in 1880
Length 24.95 miles

Button description Pattern of button currently unknown

Comment The company is believed to have issued uniforms to senior staff (e.g., inspectors) only. Given that company buttons are yet come to light, it seems likely that they were either unmarked, or possibly, that they bore a monogram or device which renders them difficult to identify.