Burnley and District Tramways

Owner Burnley and District Tramways Company Limited, win which the Tramways and General Works Company was a major shareholder
Opened 17th September 1881 (steam and horse)
Operator Burnley and District Tramways Company Limited
Taken over
1st March 1900 (Burnley Corporation, Nelson Corporation, Padiham Urban District Council, Brierfield UDC and Reedley Hallows Parish Council)
Operator Burnley Corporation
Closed 17th November 1901
Length 7.10 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description
Script initials ‘B&DT’, within a raised rim
Materials known Brass
Button Line reference [None]

Comment A photograph of B&DT Conductor No 8 (see link) clearly shows that the uniform bore buttons with script initials, similar, if not identical to the button shown.