Barking Town UDC Tramways / Light Railway

Owner Barking Town Urban District Council
Opened 1st December 1903 (electric)
Operator Barking Town Urban District Council
Taken over (operation) 7th June 1905 (Ilford Council Tramways) - newly constructed line from Longbridge Rd to the municipal boundary at Loxford Bridge, under a lease arrangement
Taken over (operation) 17th November 1905 (East Ham Corporation Tramways) - newly built line between the East Ham boundary at the River Roding and Barking Broadway, under a lease arrangement, but worked jointly with West Ham Corporation Tramways
Took over (operation) 1st October 1907 - Longbridge Rd to Loxford Bridge line previously leased to ILT
Joint operation 17th November 1910 (with EHCT and West Ham Corporation Tramways) - Poplar (in West Ham) to Loxford Bridge (in Barking)
Joint operation 20th October 1912 (with EHCT, WHCT and London County Council Tramways) - Aldgate (in LCC area) to Loxford Bridge (in Barking)
Taken over (operation) 1st June 1914 (EHCT, WHCT, and LCCT) - Aldgate (in LCC area) to Barking Broadway, following withdrawal of BTUDCT from joint running
Taken over (operation) 1st June 1914 (ICT) - Barking Broadway, Barking Station to Loxford Bridge line, under a lease arrangement
Withdrawn 16th February 1929 - remaining services operated by BTUDCT (Barking Broadway to Beckton)
Taken over 1st July 1933 (London Passenger Transport Board) - including lines leased to East Ham Corporation and Ilford Corporation
Length 2.57 miles (1.6 miles operated; the remainder leased)
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Title ('BARKING TOWN U D C TRAMWAYS') within a border, surrounding a depiction of the town’s Firebell Gate
Materials known Brass
Button Line reference [None]

The above button is virtually identical in form to the cap badge (see link).