Bournemouth Corporation Tramways

Owner Bournemouth Corporation
Opened 23rd July 1902 (electric)
Operator Bournemouth Corporation
Took over 16th June 1905 (Poole and District Electric Tramways) - excepting the track, which was purchased by Poole Corporation
Took over (operation) 16th June 1905 (lines of the former Poole and District Electric Tramways) - leased from Poole Corporation
Taken over 8th June 1935 (Hants and Dorset Motor Services) - trams replaced by buses
Closed 8th April 1936
Length 16.11 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description
Municipal arms (a quartered shield bearing two lions, six martlets and four salmon) with a crest of a pine tree upon four roses, all above the motto: ‘PULCHRITUDO ET SALUBRITAS’
Materials known Brass; nickel; chrome
Button Line reference [None]

Photos (see link) clearly show that tramway staff wore the above Bournemouth Corporation general untitled coat of arms pattern button.

A martlet is an heraldic bird that is always shown without any feet due to its supposed derivation from the swift, which in earlier times was believed to have no feet (always flying)!

The buttons are of 2-piece, open-backed construction.