Bath Horse Tramways

Owner Bath Tramways Company Ltd
Opened 24th December 1880 (horse)
Operator Bath Tramways Company Ltd
Taken over 26th May 1884 (Patent Cable Tramways Corporation)
Liquidation 1888 entered liquidation
Taken over 11th August 1888 (Dick Kerr and Co Ltd - all assets of the former PCTC)
Taken over
1st April 1889 (Bath Road Car and Tramways Company Ltd)
Last horse service 25th July 1902
Taken over 26th (?) July 1902 (Bath Corporation)
Length 1.71 miles
Gauge 4ft 0ins

Button description Uniforms not worn

Comment Photographic evidence strongly suggests that informal jackets were worn, and that marked company buttons probably therefore never existed (see link).

The horse tramway was purchasedby Bath Corporation as a prelude to electrification, with the last horse car running on the 25th July 1902; this was probably the day the tramway was handed over and closed. Although the purchaser was Bath Corporation, the transaction was actually carried out on behalf of the promoters of Bath Electric Tramways Ltd.