Birmingham and Aston Tramways

Owner Birmingham and Aston Tramways Company
Opened 26th December 1882 (steam)
Operator Birmingham and Aston Tramways Company (company-owned track within the Aston Manor municipal boundary, and Birmingham Corporation-owned track within the city boundary)
Taken over (assets and leases) 1st July 1902 (Aston Manor Urban District Council); official handover eight months later
Taken over (operation) 25th March 1903 (Aston Manor UDC)
Length 4.85 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description Uniforms not worn

Comments Photographs clearly show that conductors wore informal attire (see link). Inspectors certainly wore company-isssued jackets that bore metal buttons; although the photographic eveidence is not definitely, the buttons appear to have been plain.