Wolverton and Stony Stratford Tramway

Owner Wolverton and Stony Stratford District Light Railways Company
Opened 27th May 1887 (steam)
Operator Wolverton and Stony Stratford District Light Railways Company
Company reconstituted 26th July 1889 (as the Wolverton and Stony Stratford Tramroads Company Ltd)
Closed 17th December 1889 (by the official receiver)
Reopened 20th November 1891 (private syndicate)
Taken over 15th September 1893 (Wolverton and Stony Stratford and District New Tramway Co Ltd)
Voluntary liquidation 17th July 1919
Taken over 13th February 1920 (London and North Western Railway Company)
Ownership transferred 1st January 1923 (to the London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company, following its creation at the 1923 railway 'grouping' out of numerous constituent railway companies, one of them being the L&NWR)
Closed 3rd May 1926
Length 4.72 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description (Pattern 1) Uniforms probably not worn prior to the railway takeover of 1920

Button description (Pattern 2)
Title (‘London & North Western Railway Company’) surrounding a seated Britannia
Materials known Nickel; brass
Button Line reference [None]

Button description (Pattern 3) Title ('London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company') surrounding a vertical wing with superimposed cross, all above a garland with roses and thistles
Materials known Nickel; brass, chrome; black horn
Button Line reference [None]

Comments Photographs taken prior to the railway company takeover of 1920 indicate that uniforms were not worn, save for a single individual (see link), who most probably bought his own. Photographs of conductors taken after the takeover appear not to have survived, so it is currently unknown whether uniforms bearing the Pattern 2 and Pattern 3 buttons were ever issued.