Wirral Tramway Company

Owner Wirral Tramway Company
Opened 28th March 1877 (horse)
Took over (operation) 19th January 1878 - newly built tracks at Woodside Ferry owned by Birkenhead Commissioners (the local authority)
Taken over (track) 11th March 1895 (Birkenhead Corporation - lines within Birkenhead)
Operator (lessee) WTCo
Taken over (assets) 31st December 1899 (Birkenhead Corporation) - including company-owned track within Lower Bebington
Last WTCo horse service 8th May 1900
Last horse service over former WTCo tracks 22nd January 1901 - operated by the Birkenhead United Tramway, Omnibus and Carriage Co Ltd
2.99 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Uniforms probably not worn

Comments Surviving photographs tend to suggest that conductors were not issued with uniforms, though the evidence is hardly overwhelming (see link), .