Yarmouth and Gorleston Tramways

Owner East Suffolk Tramways Company
Opened 25th March 1875 (horse)
Operator East Suffolk Tramways Company
Taken over April 1878 (Yarmouth and Gorleston Tramways Company Ltd)
Taken over (ownership) 1900 (British Electric Traction Company Ltd)
Taken over 12th March 1905 (Great Yarmouth Corporation)
Last horse service July? 1905
Length 3.25 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins to 1882, thereafter regauged to 3ft 6ins

Button description (pre-BETCo) Uniforms not worn

Button description (BETCo) Wheel, magnet and electrical flashes
Materials known Brass; nickel; chrome; bakelite
Button Line reference [113/16]

Comment Uniforms only appear to have been issued in the last few years of operation, when the owner (at that time the BETCo) had given up its attempts to electrify the system.