Darlington Street Railway

Owner Darlington Street Railway Company Ltd
Opened 1st January 1862 (horse)
Operator Darlington Street Railway Company Ltd
Closed 31st December 1864
Length 1.0 mile
Gauge 4ft 8½ins?

Button description Pattern of button currently unknown

Comment The Darlington Street Railway was promoted by American entrepreneur George Francis Train, the man behind the first true street tramway in the British Isles (Birkenhead Street), as well as three separate lines in London (Marble Arch Street Railway; Surrey Side Street Railway; Westminster Street Railway) and one in Stoke (Staffordshire Potteries Street Railway). Staff working the Birkenhead and London lines are known to have worn military-style uniforms, and examples of buttons from them have survived, suggesting that marked buttons may once have existed for the Darlington Street Railway, though unfortunately, none appear to have survived.