Coventry Electric Tramways

Owner Coventry Electric Tramways Limited
Opened 4th December 1895 (electric)
Operator Coventry Electric Tramways Limited
Taken over 6th August 1897 (the Coventry Electric Tramways Company, a subsidiary of the New General Traction Company Ltd)
Taken over 1st January 1912 (Coventry Corporation)
Length 13.16 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description Pattern of button currently unknown

Comment As uniforms were most definitely worn by staff of the CET (see link), it seems highly probable that marked buttons were issued, though to date, none has been positively identified. The CETCo was a subsidiary of the New General Traction Company Ltd, a company which at various times also owned the Douglas Southern Electric Tramways and the Norwich Electric Tramways Co, so it is tempting to speculate whether buttons would have been similar to those issued by the latter, which were script initials.