Dublin Southern District Tramways

Owner Dublin Southern District Tramways Company (a subsidiary of the Imperial Tramways Company)
Opened 17th March 1879 (horse)
Operator Dublin Southern District Tramways Company
First steam service circa August 1881
Last steam service 1884?
Took over 24th August 1893 (Blackrock and Kingstown Tramway Co Ltd), initially via the DSDTCo's parent company, the ITCo
Last horse service Possibly May 1895
First electric route 16th May 1896
Taken over 22nd July 1896 (Dublin United Tramways Company) - controlling interest purchased
Length 7.98 miles
Gauge 4ft 0 ins and 5ft 3ins / 5ft 2¼ins

Button description Unknown

Comment Although tramcar crews working the DSDT electric services clearly wore uniforms (see link), marked buttons are yet to come to light. However, in view of the fact that three other electric tramways associated with the ITCo (and its chairman, George White) used script-lettering initials on their uniform buttons, it does not seem unreasonably to expect the DSDTCo to have done likewise. The other tramways were: London United Tramways (see link); Middlesbrough, Stockton and Thornaby Electric Tramways (see link); and Bristol Tramways (see link).