Kirkcaldy Corporation Tramways

Owner Kirkcaldy Corporation
Opened 28th February 1903 (electric)
Operator Kirkcaldy Corporation
Taken over 15th May 1931 (Messrs W Alexander and Sons of Falkirk - a bus company controlled by the Scottish Motor Traction Company)
Closed 15th May 1931
6.11 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description Plain with scalloped rim
Materials used Brass or nickel
Button Line reference [None]

Comment A fine studio portrait of a Kirkcaldy crew (see link) clearly shows that the buttons were plain with a scalloped rim; it is however currently unknown whether the material used was brass or nickel.

Kirkcaldy Corporation never ran its own buses (or trolleybuses), instead reaching agreement with W Alexander for that company to provide motorbus services on closure of the municipal tramway.