London, Camberwell and Dulwich Tramways

The London, Camberwell and Dulwich Tramway Company began life in the mid 1880s as the Peckham and East Dulwich Tramways Company, which underwent what must have been a record-breaking gestation of around 10 years, before running its first services in 1896. The whole concern appears to have been financially inviable, with years of losses and curtailed services, finally ending in receivership and purchase by London County Council in 1904. The sole surviving photograph (see below) suggests that staff wore informal attire, though it is of course unwise to rely on such sparse evidence as absolute proof.

For a history of the company, see: 'London County Council Tramways Vol 1: South London' by E R Oakley; London Tramways History Group (1989).


Horse tram drivers and conductors
Lodon, Camberwell and Dulwich Tramways tram
One of the LC&DTCo's vehicles, a rather curious choice for South London, captured some time between 1896 and 1900. Both men are wearing informal attire. Photo courtesy of the Tramways and Light Railway Society, with thanks to David Voice.