Belfast and Ligoniel Tramway

The Belfast and Ligoniel Tramway Company was formed in 1892 to promote a tramway line northwestwards from the Belfast Street Tramways Company terminus on Crumlin Rd to Ligoniel. The company quickly reached agreement with the BSTCo for the latter to build and operate the 1.5-mile, standard-gauge tramway under a lease arrangement, the first service commencing on the 24th April 1893.

As part of the agreement, the BSTCo had the right to purchase the tramway at the end of the lease, which it did around August 1902.

The BSTCo subsequently passed into the hands of Belfast Corporation on the 1st January 1905, as a precursor to reconstruction for electric working. The last horse car service over former Belfast and Ligoniel tracks is believed to have taken place on the 4th November 1905.

The tramway was worked for its entire existence by the Belfast Street Tramways Company; for information on BSTCo staff attire, please refer to the entry for that company (see link)

Further reading
For a history of the Belfast's horse tramways, see: 'The Belfast Street Tramways' by Alan T Newham, in the Tramway Review, Nos 78 (p163–178), 79 (p196-207) and 80 (p245-252); The Light Railway Transport League (1974).